The owners of Embassy Building Maintenance have a combined total of 30 years experience in the janitorial industry. While working for their previous employer, they discovered the lack of true customer service that plagues this industry. After gaining valuable experience and insights into the janitorial industry, they became very discontent with the high customer turnover and knew there was a better way to run a janitorial company.

Out of this emerged Empire, Inc. – Houston’s Building Maintenance Firm. With humble beginnings and starting the business on a shoe string budget, the owners set out to create a better janitorial firm based on high morals and ethical standards. Putting service first and profits second, they used their experience to create one of the most successful and well respected janitorial service firms in Houston.

Our amazing success is nothing short of miraculous. Since 2001, Empire, Inc. has grown from only one office serving northwest Houston to now four offices proudly serving all of Greater Houston. After a decade of impeccable service in Houston, we expanded into the Dallas-Fort Worth market as Embassy Building Maintenance. Our expansion into DFW was primarily driven by customer demand. A large portion of our Houston customers repeatedly asked us to service their DFW locations. We value customer relationships and strive to accommodate each request. Therefore our same successful infrastructure was established to serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. To learn more about parent company, please go to

Our incredible growth is directly related to our customer satisfaction. A company simply cannot enjoy this type of success without backing it up with outstanding service. Each year that we have been in business, we have had positive growth even during the tough recession years. Although we are proud to serve such a large number of customers, one of our main goals is for each customer to feel like they are our only customer!

At Embassy Building Maintenance, we are more than just another janitorial company. We are a strategic partner who never stops looking for ways to be of value to you, our customer. If you would like to learn more about becoming a part of the family of happy Embassy customers, please contact us.


Our Mission

Embassy Building Maintenance’s mission is to be the leading provider of contract janitorial services and to make a positive impact on each community we serve. We will achieve this by providing a clean and healthy environment that is held to the strictest of standards for each customer, which will enhance their employee morale, increase their productivity, and reduce their employee turnover.